Friday, December 11, 2009


Today I am thinking about distraction.

I had nine items on my to-do list yesterday and yet, somehow, only finishing seven of those items took me all day. Somehow item #6-- calling my dad about synching schedules and getting my car into his mechanic-- took fifteen minutes to complete. Item #7-- copying Hank's ice schedule onto my calendar-- ended up taking who knows how long because I kept getting distracted by my in-box pinging and telling me I had a new email. Item #9-- figure out food to take to a friend's house on Sunday-- took forever because I used it as an excuse to pour over my favorite cookbooks in a more leisurely manner than I usually allow myself and before I knew it, I had forgotten what I was supposed to be looking for and instead I was dog earring pages and tearing out recipes that had nothing to do with what I had set out to do.

I am OK with this. If I hadn't let myself become distracted I would have missed out on a few laughs in my inbox that came at opportune times. Or I would not have taken the time to discover some new recipes that look really yummy.

Right now I'm supposed to be looking at different homemade candy ideas. Hmm.

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