Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The End of an Era

Children grow up. They get bigger. Duh. We all know that.

But that doesn't mean that as parents we always realize it. We're with our kids every day; their growth is so gradual that it's rare that we think to ourselves, "Wow, my baby is really growing up fast!"

I think every parent has their own varying milestones that makes them realize their kids are getting big, and fast. One of mine is always the first jump in clothing size. My babies have always come out of the womb small and swimming in size 0-3 months infant clothes. So when each made the jump from 0-3 month clothing to 3-6 month clothing it was like being hit upside the head with the realization that I no longer had an infant.

I changed out Caroline's clothes last night. Last night in my empty house with the wind screaming outside, I crawled up into the attic and packed away Caroline's first clothes and pulled out the next larger size.

Somehow, in some weird way, she looks older to me today.

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