Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Tired

If I were to compose a blog post right now the theme would most definitely be "I am tired."

In a good way, though. In a way that only a fun, truly relaxing time with my family and good friends can be. Less than twenty-four hours ago we packed up our van, pointed the van north for about an hour and unloaded in a spacious four-bedroom condo at a waterpark resort that we shared with some good friends of ours. Everyone gets along well, kids, adults, and everyone feels comfortable with each other. It made for a fun and relaxing time of trips down the water slides, corralling kids in baby pools and talking and chatting with one another.

I took nary a picture, save a few of a few of the kids in a post-swimming bath, but I'm not going to post those. I feel exhausted right now from staying up too late talking and laughing, but I also feel mentally recharged and really ready to get back into the swing of laundry, cleaning the house and schooling the children.

A mini-vacation was just what the doctor ordered, I think-- though after I get a good night's sleep!


Bob said...

Glad to hear that it was fun

AlexanderTheGreat said...

Thanks for the update.

Mini-vacations are usually good.

Schlaf gut!

Cate said...

Thanks, guys. :)