Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Sun King

We have been in a history groove this week. I have to admit, I am most interested in European history and tend to want to read more and more and more, just like the kids do.

Today we read about King Louis XIV of France or, as he's otherwise known, the Sun King and the uber-elegant Palace of Versailles. The kids and I had a fabulous time pouring over pictures of the palace on-line and imagining all the grand balls and celebrations.

In honor of King Louis XIV's decadence, we decided to make face masks for an imaginary ball we were to attend at the palace. Here are the kids' creations.

Mademoiselle Madeleine,

Monsieur Henry

and, finally, Mademoiselle Elisabeth.

Elisabeth looks so horrified because she knows that kind of wealth and decadence can't be maintained on the backs of peasants. She's concerned about the upcoming French Revolution.

Or something like that.