Thursday, February 25, 2010

Piano Lessons

A few years ago Madeleine started piano lessons. She did not want to learn, but Joe and I forced her to play; we felt it was important for a variety of reasons. For three years now we've heard Madeleine complain and moan about lessons and practicing and every other aspect of piano.

Finally, a few months ago, we agreed Madeleine could quit. She could finish up her spring semester, play at her upcoming piano competition and recital and then she could quit.

And then I noticed something funny.

As soon as we told Madeleine she was going to be able to quit, she started practicing more. On her own. Without being reminded. All of a sudden, going to piano lessons early Thursday morning wasn't quite the chore it once was.

And then, today. Today she tells me she doesn't think she wants to quit piano after all.



Elephantschild said...

She just needed the pressure off - an escape hatch! I get that.

Erin said...

Really funny.