Friday, February 05, 2010

Waxing Nostalgic

OK, so I just downloaded a boatload of really stupid pictures from my iPhone that have been sitting on there for months. Most of them were taken by the kids and trust me when I say, regardless of the photographer, the pictures are really, really dumb.

All but this one.

Why is that one not dumb? It's Hank eating a stupid tortilla chip, and it's not even a particularly flattering photo.

It's not dumb because this was taken at a restaurant on August 28, 2009 while I was in the beginning stages of labor. A few short hours later this would happen.

So, yeah, it's a dumb photo, but it says so much more to me than it might suggest on first glance. It makes me remember labor pains, the questioning of whether I was in labor or not, the timing, the pacing, the race to the hospital and, ultimately, meeting sweet Caroline who, let's face it, is the world's most perfect baby, even in stupid photos that come off my iPhone.

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