Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Book Round Up

Here is what we are all reading right now.

Joe seems to be enjoying Marine Sniper quite a bit. I think it sounds horrifically dull, but my dad enjoyed it too, so what do I know.

I am barely into On Gold Mountain, but I anticipate liking it since I have enjoyed Lisa See's work in the past, and I am always drawn to memiors. And, yes, I am still slogging through The Well-Adjusted Child. It's not that it's bad, it's just that it covers a lot that I already know. I've been reading a chapter here and there, and I am sure I'll finish it eventually.

Hank is the first fan of Beverly Clearly in our home. I adored all of her Ramona Quimby books as a kid and it has always pained me that Madeleine has turned her nose up at Cleary's books. Hank, however, is really enjoying Henry and Ribsy and thinks Madeleine is silly for not liking Cleary's books. Of course, this is his assigned reading for school; Hank still thinks he doesn't enjoy reading in his free time. Baby steps. I figure if he is enjoying the books he's reading for school, eventually that will turn him into a reader.

Madeleine is reading The Goose Girl for fun. She says it's really sad, but really good. For school, Madeleine is reading In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson and she loves this book. It's about a little girl that moves from China to America. She doesn't speak English and has a tough time adjusting to her new home until she starts playing stickball and following Jackie Robinson as he leads the Brooklyn Dodgers to victory after victory.

Last week, Madeleine finished the book Gone-Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright and words cannot possibly convey how much Madeleine adored this book. She wants to tell anyone who will listen that they should read this book.


sixty-five said...

I remember loving Elizabeth Enright's books when I was M's age. Didn't she write The Saturdays? Wasn't there a maid or a cook or someone named Cuffy?

Jane said...

Enright's books were among my favorites, too.

Cate said...

I'll have to ask Madeleine about Cuffy. She plans on depleting our library's supply of Enright books at our next visit, so I'm sure she'll have the answer in a few weeks.

How had I never heard of Enright before since everyone else appears to love her! I think I'm going to add Gone-Away Lake to my "to be read" pile.

Kimmber said...

Oh how I'd be in my glory if I had a stack of books that others were reading in our home. I have to force them here. They take after their father in that regard.