Friday, March 12, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm

Busy. Busy, busy, busy. Run here, run there.

And now, home, glass of wine in hand.

Tuesday night was hockey. Wednesday night was our midweek Lenten church service and dinner. Last night horseback riding, hockey and a pizza party. Today a home-school field trip. Tomorrow hockey upon hockey. And then, like that, it's over; no more hockey until the fall. It's consumed our lives, to be sure, but in some ways, after the final puck is dropped this weekend, I think I will be very sad. I'll miss all my hockey mom buddies and all the little siblings and all the cold ice rinks and hotel swimming pools and all the wild little boys and girls swinging hockey sticks around.

Tonight. The calm before the storm. A glass of wine, a warm house and happy children. Peace. Or as peaceful as a home can be with four kids, anyway.

Cheers, and happy Friday!

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Katie said...

I wish I could be a wine person. I would love to sit down with a glass of wine, it sounds so relaxing. Although it would be something I'd have to give up during pregnancy, while Diet Coke, my wine substitute, I allow myself in moderation. Happy Friday.