Thursday, March 18, 2010

Early Spring

Spring in Wisconsin is sunshine and playing outside without coats.

It means rakes and yard waste bags and preparation for the new growth that's down beneath the soil, waiting for summer to entice it to grow.

It means fresh, new buds, peeking up seeing if maybe-- just maybe-- spring is near.

Today it meant a whimsically tossing two bunches of daffodil buds (Two for $4!, the placard screamed) in my cart while in the check-out line at the grocery store with the hope that maybe, they too, would feel spring in the air and treat us to some of their cheerful warmth in days to come or, as it was to be, later the same afternoon.

Early spring in Wisconsin is a fickle beast. Today it means this.

And this weekend, just like that, spring changes its mind and predicts this.

Temporary warmth. A reprieve from winter, that is what early spring offers us. On a day like today, who can complain?

1 comment:

dad said...

It was an ideal day for cleaning up last year's lawn refuse.