Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I feel completely empty-headed right now, and instead of trying to force words that are not there to come, I am going to luxuriate in the comfort of a peaceful mind. It's a rare moment that I don't have about fifty conflicting thoughts that I was to spit out, either verbally or on paper (or on a computer screen), but it's a rather enjoyable feeling, actually.

So, there you are. Nothing. *exhale*


Katie said...

What a glorious feeling, one I can't say I've experienced much either. Congratulations on your choice to document it. :) (P.S. checked The Well-Trained Mind out from the library this week. Now I understand why you said it's intimidating. I'll probably have to renew it 3 times to finish it!)

Cate said...

If you think the book's length is intimidating, wait 'til you start reading the ideas it contains. ;) Let me reiterate: I use this book as a loose guide. Any more than that and I would certainly be a candidate for a nervous breakdown.