Friday, March 26, 2010

School: Hank Style

Hank is a creature of habit. Change his routine and, believe me, you'll hear about it. Who knows, maybe even the whole neighborhood will hear about it, depending on his mood.

He likes to make Elisabeth's oatmeal in the morning.

He prefers non-traditional spots for reading and schoolwork.

When he finally moves up to the dining room table so that he can spread out his math materials,

it takes him about half a second to realize his big sister is at the other end of the table, trying to concentrate.

So, the booger starts singing. Loudly. He starts singing very, very loudly.

"Hank!" Madeleine yells. "I'm trying to concentrate! MOM! MAKE HIM BE QUIET!!!"

He goes back to work. Smirking though. He's still totally singing in his head and imagining his aggravated sister, I can tell.


Terri said...

I'm going to have to stop with the how proud i am of you and this camera thing, aren't I? Just one more? Please?

The last shot, with the hands and the pencil and his mouth? I can hardly even stand it. The hand to heart gasping kind.

I like that kid. Now I wish he'd have been there the other day. :(

Susan said...

I love the two pictures of the kids at either end of the table, with their mouths open in speech. Those are fantastic!

You know how cruel a mother I am? When somebody was singing or pestering, too often I would tell the pester-ee that this was part of homeschooling -- the part where you learn to work & concentrate IN SPITE OF distractions. So there. (They were never quite satisfied with that mom-response.)

Cate said...

Terri-- they were all taken w/the 50mm lens that you recommended. It's quickly becoming my favorite lens. Even without the zoom, I'm using it a lot more than my 18-55 mm. Thanks for the compliment AND the tip about the lens.

Susan-- glad to hear yours weren't satisfied. When I try that logic then they're just BOTH yelling and being obnoxious. Funny, I can be five feet away washing dishes and listening to the radio or talking on the phone and THAT doesn't bother them... :)

Bob said...


What a classic!! Thanks so much for sharing-- the expressions of M and H are precious!

Anonymous said...

I love the first picture of Hank and Elisabeth!!!