Monday, March 08, 2010

A Workbook Funny

Madeleine and Hank's Latin text often parallels their grammar lessons; it is impossible to learn conjugation unless certain parts of speech are understood.

The other day their text was making sure the students knew what an adjective was. To practice the concept the kids were told to write three adjectives that described them and three adjectives that described their house. Following are their answers and, I think, some insight into the psyche of my two older children.


Three adjectives that describe her: pink (huh?), happy and smart (clearly confident might also be applicable here).

Three adjectives that describe her house: small, busy and cozy (all very true).


Three adjectives that describe him: big, tuff (his spelling, not mine and, it's also worth noting, not true at ALL) and kind (very true).

Three adjectives that describe his house: huge (again, only true in fantasy land), fun and cold (oh, true, true, true--BRRR!!).

Needless to say, while going over their assignments from last week this morning, I laughed a fair bit.