Wednesday, July 28, 2010


People often complain about Murphy's Law, and I am certainly not above whining about things that don't go my way.


I've been whining a lot about the flood last Thursday and its aftermath and I thought it was time I highlighted something that went right that day, namely these pretty pink rain boots.

I have wanted, but been too cheap to purchase, rain boots for a few years now. Thursday afternoon-- well before the rain-- I came across these boots for $11. I reasoned I'd never find such cute rain boots at such a price again, and I snatched them up. Then, because I was taking Madeleine to riding where people often wear rain boots regardless of weather AND because it was supposed to rain, I actually WORE them and had them on when, later that night, I had to wade home in deep water.

So, yeah, my basement was wet. But at least my feet were dry. And well shod, if I do say.

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Erin said...

Where, oh where, did you come across cute pink rain boots for $11? I *must* know.

Cate said...

Burlington Coat Factory. I was at the one on Brown Deer Rd., but there were only two pairs left after I snagged mine. Hurry!