Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fun Game

I love this game. Maybe it's not really a game. Hm. I guess it technically probably is.

Whatever. It's fun. It's addicting. And it just so happens to be educational.

You're given a blank map of the United States. A state is shown and you need to drop it in where it goes which, sometimes is tricker than you'd think (like pinpointing Kansas' exact spot without any of its neighboring states to reference).

But instead of having you try again if you get it wrong, it highlights your error in red, which is great for kids who are still figuring out where each of our nation's fifty states go.

I think I might be the most addicted member of this family, with Hank-- a lover of all things electronic-- a close second. I hope you all enjoy it just as much.


Superdad said...

That is fun. 43 perfect matches on my first try. Including Nebraska with no bordering states on the map at the time. Thank you mandatory senior geography.

Luke said...

That is a fun way to practice geography.