Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Football Obsession

Look. If you lived anywhere near here and could feel the hype practically oozing out of football fans around these parts, you would understand why all I can think about is Sunday's game

Packers. Bears. The winner goes to the Super Bowl. With these two teams composing possibly the biggest sports rivalry ever, is it any wonder that I've been occupying myself with trash talking with Bear fans (please, please, please, Packers, win on Sunday so I can save face) and reading the following sports related blogs which, if you're as crazed about this game as I am, you will want to check out?

They are both updated multiple times daily, so check back frequently, or add them to your feeds.

I also like the Journal Sentinel's Packer blog. Lastly, Packer Geeks is worth checking out too.

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Anonymous said...

WARNING**The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Warning for Chicago,IL and all surrounding areas for Sunday Jan.23rd from 2pm until 6pm.This flash flood WILL be caused by tears of Bear fans as they watch their Superbowl dreams fade away.Crying will intensify as the game progresses...
-Tammy (hehe)