Monday, January 03, 2011


I can finally share these pictures that I took of the kids about a month ago. They were a Christmas gift for my mother and father-in-law, who read my blog, and I didn't want their Christmas present surprise ruined by seeing them here first.

Madeleine, 10 years old.

Hank, 8 years old.

Ellie, 5 years old.

Caroline, 15 months old.


nina said...

Gorgeous stuff.
Now, how was your Christmas?!?

MOST with an attitude said...


sixty-five said...

Fantastic. I love watching you grow and progress as writer, photographer, and supermom....Hope this will turn out to be a year when we actually spend some time together!

Kris Lane said...

Great pictures Cate. I was just about to write the very same thing as "sixty-five" put in their comments to you.
You are talented in many ways...

nina said...

You're not just a supermom, supermom. But then, perhaps you are a supermom especially because you are so much more than a supermom (as if being a supermom isn't already fantastic).

But really, I've been checking daily -- you have the most beautiful Christmas celebrations. So how was yours this year??

Cheryl said...

So pretty.

I want to grow up to take pictures like you some day!