Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yep. It's a flight of stairs. Whoopdee-doo. That is all it is. I'm not going to try and assign some big meaning or anything to this post or picture.

I tried to write a blog post earlier. I've been writing and deleting and writing and deleting until I finally just said, "Screw it." But then I told myself that I could come up with something--anything-- if only I would look. And then I saw my staircase, and it happens to be one of the few areas in my home right now that doesn't have riding helmets, schoolwork, books, shoes and other annoying, unputaway things lying about.

And I like it. See that oil right up on the landing that my grandmother painted? Isn't it beautiful? And the prints I received as a Christmas gift running along the wall next to the stairs?

I walk up and down these stairs endlessly each day. Up and down. Up and down.

And yet it took searching for a blog post to remind me to sit back and appreciate the stairs and the landing, an area that I walk past every day without noticing yet, when I take the time, I remember that it contains lots of items that I know please my eye and elicit good memories. If only I would remember to slow down and look!


AlexanderTheGreat said...

Completely right to recognize the simple pleasures (with infinitely deep meaning) rather than be distracted by nonsense.

GO BEARS! Eh? ooh, too late...


nina said...

This is what writing regularly forces you to do: take note.

But in the matter of stairs-- when I lived in a house that had them, I remember that (out of laziness) we'd place things on the bottom steps that needed to be hauled up when someone next climbed up. And so it came to this: the stairs became probably the most likely place for clutter. I'm glad you avoided that habit! Going up and down is healthy!

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if you allowed guest posts on your blog? I have a few articles about early childhood education. If you are interested please let me know and I can pass one along for you to review!

Thank you,

Cate said...

Yes, you are too late. And don't worry, football isn't a distraction that I want to be diverted from. ;)

Nina-- I had to laugh at your comment. It is an odd alignment of the stars, indeed, that had the stairs free from clutter.

Emily-- I'm sorry, I don't. This is primarily a personal blog about my life, family, etc. Home-schooling is obviously a big part of that, but everything up here is something that matters to me, personally. Thanks for stopping by, though! :)