Thursday, March 17, 2011

Caroline Eats Mud

Today Caroline ate mud. On purpose. And I think she kind of liked it, which is a little too bad because the other day she put me in a position where I had to choose between catching her and preventing her from taking a nasty spill or not catching her and not preventing her from taking a nasty spill. Choosing to catch her necessitated putting my other baby, my Nikon, at risk. I chose, obviously, to catch Caroline. My Nikon, thankfully, survived the incident. My most useful, versatile lens, my 18-200 mm, on the other hand, did not.

Darn it, though, even with my non-autofocus, 50 mm she still looks good. Even with the mud all over her face.


Anonymous said...

Alex used to eat sand and I thought he liked it too. I'm dreading the sandbox this summer because of that. Oh and Tommy likes to put rocks in his mouth. He chipped his front tooth last year because he decided to chew the rocks. UGH!

Lance Burri said...

My daughter tasted her own poop once when she was one. She's almost 19 now, and absolutely hates when I tell that story.

Penny @ Coffe Maker Reviews said...

Let's see - save the camera, save the baby? Hmmmm, not much of a choice there.

Cameras can be replaced, but babies can't, so good choice!

Don't worry about a little mud - it won't hurt her!


Jody S. said...

All of my children have eaten lady beetles when they invade. My daughter was the champion of that. My daughter was enjoying chomping on a stinkbug when they invaded (before I fished it out of her mouth.) She is a champion bug-catcher still at the ripe old age of almost 2. I have also seen numerous carpet fibers in their diapers.

Don't sweat it.