Monday, June 20, 2011

Water Update: Almost One Year Later

A little less than a year ago, as many of you might remember, Milwaukee fell victim to a pretty nasty storm which resulted in widespread flooding. Since then, bit by bit, we've been repairing the damage, and now, finally, our basement is done, from top to bottom. It's better than it was before, though; the old basement I merely tolerated, this one I like, and enjoy spending time in. See what you think!

On stairs, looking down, night of the flood.

On stairs, looking down, today.

Looking into main room, from foot of stairs (southwest corner), night of the flood.

Looking into the main room from foot of the stairs after stripping paneling, drywall, etc., a few weeks after the flood.

Looking into the main room from foot of the stairs today.

West wall, night of flood.

West wall today.
Northwest corner, night of flood.

Northwest corner, today.

Northeast corner, night of flood.

Northeast corner, today.
South wall, a few weeks after flood.

South wall (southeast corner), today.

View from bottom of stairs, a few weeks after flood.

View from bottom of stairs, today. 

View from northeast corner (between TV and computer), today. 
View from northwest corner, today.


Anonymous said...

Wow--your "new" basement looks so inviting! :)

AlexanderTheGreat said...

Ah, blessings in disguise.

A good investment I would say.

Cloence said...

It looks Great! Very cozy and the new set-up makes it look even bigger!

Cate said...

Thank you, agnusdei! :)

I feel like it was a blessing in disguise too, Alex, b/c it forced us to do something that we'd talked about doing since we moved here.

I know, I think it looks bigger now too! Packer/Bear game party (not the one on Christmas!) in WFB?

Cheryl said...


dad said...

Bigggggggggggg difference between this year and last. No more floods, please, until the Olsons move to higher ground.