Wednesday, November 02, 2011

My Trick-or-Treaters

My '80s Pop Star (too wet and rainy for the super fab '80's boots she had intended to wear):

My little soldier (he was pretty impressed with all the salutes that came his way):

Rapunzel (as represented in E's favorite movie, Tangled). How absurdly ridiculous and cute is that dumb wig?

And our little . . . um . . . I'm not sure what she is, exactly. We were all set for Caroline to wear the same dog costume that all my other kids wore when they were two-years-old (shown here on Elisabeth). But when it came time to put it on Caroline ran away and shrieked, "NO GOG! NO GOG! DON WANNA BE GOG!" I then had the ingenious idea of simply painting a dog face on her since, at this point, I just assumed she was scared of the costume. To the idea of face paint? "NO GOG! DON WANNA BE GOG!!!" At this point it was about five minutes before trick-or-treating, all my other trick-or-treaters were dressed and ready to go, so I ran upstairs and yanked the first dress I saw out of Ellie's dress up bin. Caroline saw the dress, smiled and said, "I be pincess." So, I guess she was a crown-less princess, or someone who, no matter what, gets her way.


Cheryl said...

I have to say I don't blame her one bit. Why be a "gog" when you can be a princess? You go, Caroline!

nina said...

Isn't it fascinating how a two year old can know so well what makes her happy!

Lovely to read this family update. Thank you!

Cate said...

Too true, Cheryl.

That was my reaction too, Nina. I was in awe for a good portion of the remainder of the day at how determined and opinionated our young Caroline is already.

RachelRae said...

Oh Pincess Caroline, this little girl knows who she is -not a gog- and afterall, isn't a pincess and one who gets her own way- no matter what- one in the same? ;)
Perhaps I need to pray for a rapid dethroning- which Queen mum- may require an Olson child no. 5- ;)! Love to you all!

Christmas Card said...
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Cate said...

Hey, what's up? it's Madeleine....Mom just found her favorite sunglasses in the barbie