Saturday, August 26, 2006

Where is Suri?

Does Suri Cruise exist? Does it matter?

I have never be a huge Tom Cruise fan and, truth be told, I’m still pretty blasé about him.

I have never been a huge Katie Holmes fan. I think she’s a cute actress and I moderately enjoyed her performance on Dawson’s Creek.

In the scheme of things that matter to me, the existence of their daughter doesn’t rate too high on my list. But I’ll admit it; the fact that she’s yet to be seen months after her birth strikes me as bizarre. And I’m hooked. Where is Suri? How is it possible to hide a baby?

April 18, 2006: Suri Cruise is born at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California. Mother and daughter head home after twenty-four hours. [1]

Mid- July 2006: King of Queens star Leah Remini, a friend of Cruise and a fellow Scientologist, reports having met Suri. [2]

Late July 2006: Jada Pinkett Smith comments on meeting little Suri Cruise.[3]

Early August 2006: Cruise ex-girlfriend Penelope Cruz reports having met Suri. Her comments about the mysterious baby are vague.[4]

August 10, 2006: Vanity Fair is rumored to have landed photo rights to the yet un-photographed almost four-month old.[5]

There is so much more that could be posted here. Google Suri’s name and hundreds of thousands of websites appear. Conspiracy theories abound. So, what’s the truth? I don’t have a theory. I assume she exists and is as normal as is possible for any baby being raised by Hollywood movie stars. But I only assume that because I can’t possibly fathom two people being deranged enough to create a mythical baby for publicity purposes. It’s so Days of Our Lives.

I will admit to being interested and hopefully this latest report about a Vanity Fair photo spread is true and we can all see Suri, confirm that she exists and move onto more important celebrity issues, like who’s more heartbroken: Nick Lachey or Jessica Simpson?


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t said...

Thanks for the enlightenment. I was not aware! I hope it IS a conspiracy!!! FUN!

*clapping hands and grinning*