Friday, September 29, 2006

The Boys

A lot of people don't peg me as a dog lover, but that's probably because, as of yet, we don't own a dog. But I grew up having dogs. Lots of them, and they were a big part of my life. There were four in all during my childhood, the first, Hershey, entering the scene on Christmas of 1985. The other three followed quickly and the dog gang, which didn't lose its first member until 1997, was affectionatly referred to as "the boys."

My bother posted a sweet picture of the boys taken in the kitchen of my childhood home. I have lots of terrific memories of each one and hope that, someday, my kids will have fond memories of a childhood dog too (hint, hint, Joe!).


sixty-five said...

Supermom doesn't have enough to do?

slightly-better-than-average-dad said...

I love dogs too. But I grew up in a part of the world where dogs live outside and have jobs - hunting dogs, herding dogs, watch dogs etc. We can get a dog when we get a home in the country.

MOST with an attitude said...

A dog and 3 kids? A courageous woman you are!! I wont attempt it until my entire crew is in Jr.High :)