Thursday, September 28, 2006

Coffee, Six-Year-Old Style

Look who joined Joe and me for our morning coffee!

Madeleine ended up in bed with us for about half the night so when we woke for our routine morning coffee (usually sans kids) Madeleine got up with us.

She is well aware of the wonders of coffee and foamy milk and, being so informed, appreciates a warm mug of foamy milk.

Although it was well earlier than her usual rising time, Madeleine snuggled in on the sofa with Joe and me, drank her foamy milk and chattered on ceaselessly about school, friends and whatever else came into her head.


Slightly-better-than-average-Dad said...

I am sorry, I know the Dad is not suposed to say this but she is so cute. I wish you all could have listened to her going on about her play-date with a classmate, her activities at school, etc. I wonder where the little girl has gone.

sixty-five said...

Yes, childhood is fleeting. BLINK! and they have turned ito snarling teenagers. But, BLINK! again, and they have become charming adults, willing to entertain the possibility of supporting you in your old age.