Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Our Morning, in Pictures

I'm up, Joe's gone, Elisabeth is in her crib cooing and playing, and here, oblivious to it all, are the kids that need to be awake for school.

First the bottom bunk occupant:

Now the top:

No, I don't want to get up!

Half awake, but at least out of bed:

Sitting up, she forces a smile...

And grudgingly climbs down from her cozy retreat:

"Hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi!!!!!" they hear from their baby sister's room. They join her:

Brushing teeth is always thrilling:

Elisabeth occupies herself in her big siblings' room while Madeleine and Hank ready themselves:

Yum! Breakfast is always the favorite meal of the day for these two:

Bye, Madeleine!

Walking to our neighbor's house, who will walk her to school:

Bye, Hank!

We have to drive to Hank's school:

Argh! Construction! The road we normally drive on is a pile of dirt. Going all the way around the ripped up road on narrow, residential streets adds ten minutes to our trip:

Hank approaches the gate that leads to the front playground, where his class meets on Tuesdays:

First, though, we head inside for a potty break:


sixty-five said...

Loved the whole sequence. Great idea to record this humdrum but beautiful fragment of daily life. You'll treasure it later (and so will they).

ibby said...

Loved this! Capture this stuff while you can, before the eye-rolling and "Mom, not another PICTURE!" begins.

Fabulous Chaos said...

OK that third picture is just CRUEL. bordering on child abuse. lol.

Can't BELIEVE you took a pic of the construction but forgot the camera today at McD's. Shame.

No, seriously, I really adore the pix of the everyday routine stuff. I've been wanting to do a collection of stuff like this (with my b&w film stuff), and make a coffee table book with it.

JoeOlson said...

Thank goodness I got out of the house before the camera came out!!!

jk said...

terrific. save this one for the kids. the sequence will elicit tears and laughter when they are 20, 30 and ...
if any energy left, begin another sequence, the nocturnal one with joe coming home with his briefcase packed, mom stirring dinner on four burners at the stove, madeleine opening the refrigerator looking for apple juice, hank searching for chocolate in the cookie jar, elisabeth crying for attention and joe ...

Alexis Jacobs said...

I just love it :o)

it's me, Val said...

Just now seeing this - that was fun :)