Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Elisabeth! Happy Birthday, Hank!

Two of my children recently celebrated birthdays and I didn’t honor them here. Don’t feel too badly for them though as they were remembered and showered with love, affection and, most importantly, cake and presents in real life. Just not here. But what do they care; they can’t read.

We celebrated with family and friends in Door County, Wisconsin at the Landmark Resort the thirteenth through the fifteenth and then again on October seventeenth at our house for family unable to make the weekend festivities.

Happy Belated Birthday, Elisabeth!

Elisabeth turned one on Sunday, October fifteenth.

The extra candle seen above is a family tradition; an extra candle is added for good luck.

Elisabeth gets to try out the pool:

And, back home, she gets to try out a new toy:

Clearly, being one is exhausting:

Happy Belated Birthday, Hank!

Hank turned four on Tuesday, October seventeenth.

My Hanker-buddy loves to swim:

Who's the most interested in Hank's presents; Hank (middle), his cousin or Superdad?

The party moves home, as more guests and presents arrive:

And yet another tired birthday honoree (that's Madeleine on the other side of the bed):


Diana said...

Great photos of the cutest children!

AlexanderTheGreat said...

What, they can't read?!?!

They'll fit right in in Oklahoma. Just kidding.

* Happy Birthday E & B ! *

Alexis Jacobs said...

Happy belated birthday!!!

angieoh! said...

Happy happy birthday dear super children! Looks like a fun time - I especially like the pictures of sleeping kids - that is such a cool thing about kids that sprawled out sleep! :) Must be what happens when you don't drink coffee - true sleep!