Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween

No, Halloween isn't until tomorrow, but we trick-or-treated last night so to me it feels like the occasion has already passed. Superdad (disguised as Paul Bunyan) and I took out our princess, dinasaur and spider for almost two hours last night and came home with an absurd amount of candy that somehow keeps finding its way into my mouth.

This house took the cake last night, decoration-wise. The kids were deliciously scared but also savored the fun/scary feeling and jumped right into the tent only to find tricks (dressed up scary guy) and treats (a bowlful of candy).


badger boy said...

i am the first to comment. hi. happy halloween.

sixty-five said...

Adorable! All the trick or treaters I get are uncostumed teenagers from alien neighborhoods. They carry pillowcases for their loot. Talk about scary!