Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hank's Train Track

Last night was peaceful. Serene, even. Joe had the girls upstairs in the bathtub, I was in the kitchen enjoying some of Chopin's Nocturnes while washing dishes and Hank was busy in the living room setting up a Brio train track.

When I walked in to check on Hank this was the track that greeted me:

My four year old little genius made the track, complete with twists, turns and bridges all by himself without one iota of help from an adult mind.

Am I proud? Yes.


Anonymous said...

A familiar sight. Gosh, Hank and Liam would have a wonderful time with this!

JoeOlson said...

I guess I'm out of a job.

badger bob said...

you can still litigate lawsuits if his train track across the atlantic collapses.

Anonymous said...

THAT is AWESOME!!!! :):)