Monday, November 13, 2006

Photo Essay: Madeleine

I love to look at old photos. I'm often caught flipping through old albums at home and my favorites, I'll confess, are pictures of my kids chronicling their short lives.

Most recently I've been dwelling on Madeleine's past because, well, she's six now. So, for those interested, some pictorial highlights of Madeleine's young life follow.

Here is Madeleine at 8 months old on Easter when we still lived in Janesville. That was the first Easter Joe and I hosted and it was the first of what has become many.

Ah, and here 's Madeleine in the spring of 2002 at about 20 months old. She was visiting her grandparents and after an unusually long period of silence an investigation ensued and she was discovered perfecting her make-up regimen with her Nana's lipstick.

Madeleine again. This time she's two years old and it's Christmas.

Madeleine at three and a half years of age, looking pretty much as she does now.

Madeleine. Christmas 2004 (she's four here).

Here she is just prior to her fifth birthday (July 2005) in upstate New York.

And to cap the ode to Madeleine off, here she is modeling her new bathrobe on her sixth birthday this past August.


dad said...

wonderful. what a sweetheart. keep these photo essays coming. annually will do.

Anonymous said...

What a beauty :o)

JoeOlson said...

I am not looking forward to the teenage years. I wish we could keep her like this forever!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are just gorgeous, cait. :)

it's me, Val said...

She is so pretty, Cait. Thank you for sharing those.