Thursday, December 07, 2006


It's cold here today. Colder than Wisconsin, cold. So cold Hank's nature preschool stayed indoors today. So cold that Elisabeth starts crying the moment the wind hits her face.

Hank, Elisabeth and I arrived home at noon after Hank's morning of preschool and mine (and, well, Elisabeth's too) of errands. Our house was cold. I blamed it on old windows and threw on an extra sweater.

After about an hour I started thinking that it was ridiculously cold in our house, even given the extreme temperatures today. Hank was whining about being "freeeeeeezing" and I wasn't feeling to warm or toasty either.

So, I checked the thermostat. It read: fifty-five degrees. Yep, fifty-five.

Apparently someone nudged the gauge down to fifty-two degrees and the temperature dropped quickly. The kids are all denying any culpability but I remain suspicious.

In any event, the house is back to the sixties now, at least, and my fingers have thawed enough to blog.

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Val, that's me said...

Are you sure your power isn't out? :) hahahaha... glad it's getting warmer ;)