Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy St. Nick's Day

I didn't even know who St. Nick was as a child, other than another name for Santa Claus. After marrying Superdad I was duly informed since, apparently, St. Nick's Day is a traditional holiday for many Orthodox Catholics growing up in Milwaukee, of which his mom was one of (although many will argue that its roots are German. Or Dutch. You can decide for yourself by reading more about the holiday here).

Last night, per tradition, we hung our stockings in anticipation of the generous saint's visit.

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The kids were easy to rouse this morning. They dressed in half the time it usually takes them and dashed downstairs to see if their behavior in 2006 warranted presents or coal. Thankfully it was presents for all.

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To those who celebrate the holiday and to those who don't, I hope you all have as pleasant a day as we've been having. Happy St. Nick's Day!

UPDATE: Superdad informs me that it's impossible to be both Orthodox and Catholic. Superdad's mom is (well, was) Orthodox. Oops.


JoeOlson said...

What a great way to start the day! The kids were very excited and Hank even gave me an explanation of just how naughty you have to be before you get coal.

sixty-five said...

Great photos. And I love the idea of breaking the holiday down into smaller bites like this. Oh, and just how naughty DO you have to be?

SuperMom said...

I'm reading this blog to Hank and he says you have to be VERY naughty.

And he also says, "And I was very naughty and I didn't even get coal, not even a BIT!!!"

beecher said...

Cute! I showed this to Catharine, and she thought we ought to be celebrating this too.

SuperMom said...

Actually, my mom was raised Catholic (Ukrainian Catholic). The Ukrainian Catholic Church; however, celebrates the Eastern Rites. That means that her Church was in communion with the Roman Church and recognized the Pope as the head of the Church but celebrated Mass as the Orthodox Church does. Everyone got that?

JoeOlson said...

That last post was from me. I didn't realize that I was logged on as Supermom.