Monday, February 26, 2007

Leisure Wear

I like to window shop; I always have. I've always carefully admired the assembled mannequins in the windows of some of my favorite stores and envisioned myself wearing the pretty skirts, uber trendy jeans or the sparkly jewelry.

Lately though, I've noticed a disturbing change.

Once the window displays at Banana Republic beckoned me inside and perhaps I'd leave with the store with a new blouse. Or high heels. But now the uncomfortable, stylish clothes in the windows of the "cool" stores don't hold the same power they once did. Walking past with little notice of the sophisticated displays has become more common.

I've noticed the somewhat dimming interest with no small amount of shame but still, today I was completely horrified when I realized just how far I've fallen. Walking past Land's End I noticed their very elaborate display of... yoga pants. Yup, yoga pants. I seriously considered entering the store and trying them on. Even as I write this, well aware of the absurdity of my position, I want those pants. Those made-for comfort, designed for sweating, yoga pants.


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it's me, Val said...

Too funny, Cait :) I've actually been feeling that way a bit, too. Wow, is this how our mothers felt, too?? I think it's clarity that yes, indeed, we are getting older. I want to cry now.

On the flip-side, I love yoga pants. If we buy them from J Crew or makers like Juicy instead of Lands End, will that make us still "in" and stylish? :)