Friday, March 16, 2007


Time to lighten things up; there are too many life-altering decisions on my plate right now. I need to laugh. I need some frivolity.

Last night Madeleine and her friend B____ spent the entire ride home from church practicing a joke they wanted to recite over the loudspeaker during their school's afternoon announcements (a daily event).

Madeleine: B____, what kind of bow is impossible to tie?

B____: Gee, Madeleine, I don't know! What kind is it?

Madeleine: A RAIN-bow.

Both collapsed into fits of giggles for a minimum of a few blocks. Then they were all seriousness and worked on their oration once again.

And did they perform this afternoon? Nope. They forgot to tell their teachers they had a joke planned. *Sigh.*


it's me, Val said...

Oh to be a kid again! If only telling jokes, and then forgetting to tell them!, were all our worries! Hope your life-altering decisions are getting made with ease. Not a great day here . . . check out my blog. Needing some ((hugs)) and maybe prayers that he will get better in the next . . . oh, 2 hours. (sigh)

Cute story, Cait. xo

angieoh! said...

I can just see the giggle fest now. How cute.

Author Mom DogNut said...

What a great joke. Off to share with my daughter who will instantly fall into a puddle of giggles.