Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Picture Preview

I just downloaded pictures from yesterday. Turns out I took sixty-four pictures. Sixty-four. Isn't that ridiculous? And do you know how many are good? Zero.

Still though, I'm sure I'll share more later in the week because, well, there are sixty-four pictures to choose from.

This picture though... it kills me. All I wanted was to snap a cute picture of the three kids in their Easter clothes. Just one decent one would have sufficed. Just one.

Instead though, here's one of the highlights:


Jane said...

I had several years go by without a GOOD picture of the kids in their Easter finery or dressed for Christmas.

Now I love the all-too-real shots I got while trying to get the perfect ones. :)

Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to "meet" you.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Okay I have to say that pic is way too cute. DH has so many from his family that looks like that.

terri said...

Oh, it's perfect!!! I honestly love this.

64? That's nothin'.

angieoh! said...

LOVE IT! how dang cute are those kids!!!!