Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Highlights

Friday night we color Easter eggs. No. That's not right. Superdad and the kids color Easter eggs. I make supper, thus avoiding one of my least favorite Easter tasks.

Poor Elisabeth. Once again, she's forgotten until she makes herself noticed and the task is virtually finished.

Easter morning. A six a.m. photo shoot bears some, erm, interesting pictures but nothing noteworthy.

We're home and success-- the Easter Bunny came and left! The hunt for baskets, eggs and presents ensues.

Madeleine doesn't want to share her booty with her sister. See the annoyed look on her face?

Hank doesn't want to share either. Or, more accurately, doesn't even notice his sister's designs on his present.

The table, prior to eating.

The table during eating.

And that's it. The rest of the day included a lot of mess, cleaning up and passing out (due to fatigue, not the fabulous Spanish red Superdad chose for our Easter feast).


jw26pt2 said...

Wow, I will NOT be posting any pix of MY Easter table! This is really beautiful! Nice job, Supermom

Alexis Jacobs said...

Looks like an awesome Easter! I love looking at pics of your family :)

Terri said...

I am dismayed to learn of your aversion to egg-dying. I LOVE dying Easter eggs!

And the rest looks very nice, you pulled through, you Supermom, you! How did all of the food turn out?

sixty-five said...

Maybe I could slip little Elisabeth into my pocket next time we meet and bring her home with me. How long til you'd notice? Oh, and I love the dress.