Saturday, April 14, 2007

eBay Etiquette

What is proper buying and selling etiquette on eBay? Is there an established code?

I don't sell things on eBay; I buy them. Not a lot, but I find a good deal on coat here, a book there or some other miscellaneous thing that seems like too good of a deal to pass up. I bid. I win. I pay within seconds of winning the auction and email the seller within a few minutes offering shipping information and a very polite request for positive feedback.

Now, it would seem to be that at this point, or after my Pay Pal payment reaches the seller's account, I should receive my positive feedback. My work is done; I have been a good eBay consumer, no?

Two times within the past few months the seller refused to leave feedback until I'd left mine and with the current item I'm waiting for the seller hasn't even bothered to respond to my email or acknowledge that I won the auction, though they've been paid and contacted.

I'm not going to get too bent out of shape. If I get my item in due time and in good condition I will leave positive feedback for the seller. Shouldn't the same have already been done for me? EBay experts, let's hear your thoughts.


sixty-five said...

I'm guilty. I don't buy much on ebay, but I sometimes buy (and sell) books on Certainly the feedback system is important, but it's another annoying little thing to DO, and in an ordinary transaction, as most are, I often don't bother.

terri said...

I'm not a seasoned Ebay-er either, but it seems to me that you don't really want to leave feedback for your seller until your item arrives. (Once I received the wrong package in a $1300 transaction, although he fixed it right away, and gave me a $250 item free for my trouble.)

And, the sellers ALWAYS (in my experience) wait until you leave your feedback to leave theirs. You leaving your feedback shows them that all is good and well, transaction closed. And can't you usually just click a button to pay via Ebay now, instead of waiting for an email from the seller saying you've won?

If this doesn't make sense, then I've misunderstood your post. Or, I just am not making sense. And that's OK.

Now leave me alone. I have to blog.

Author Mom with Dogs said...

Yes, the feedback system is important, but like most things in life these days, it seems to have gotten a little out of whack. Too much of "If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."

That aside, I agree with Terri.

it's me, Val said...

I buy a lot on ebay (I sell too!) and lately I have seen it as a big trend - what you are talking about. I've received messages like, your shipment is on it's way, once you leave a positive message, I will do the same for you. I've even received my item before (more than once actually - quite regularly I see this) and there's a written note inside saying "leave me positive feedback and I will leave you positive feedback". It bothers me, too, but it also makes sense.

Terri is right, even if the item is pristine, a buyer could fine fault with it and give negative feedback. If a seller gives positive feedback and then the buyer gives negative, the seller can't then retract their feedback, all they can do is argue and with that, you only get so many spaces to write characters in defense of yourself. So I think it's more a way of saving themselves hassle & agony in a just-in-case scenario.