Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ten Things I've Learned About Keeping a Pesticide-Free Lawn

1. Corn gluten meal doesn't really seem to stop weeds from germinating.

2. Dandelions seem stronger and tougher than grass, even though everything I've read suggests otherwise. So maybe they're just stronger in my yard.

3. Superdad hates dandelions.

4. I don't mind dandelions.

5. There's nothing more aggravating than seeing two four-year-old boys blow white dandelion fuzz across your lawn at the same time you're getting blisters on your hand from pulling other dandelions out on the opposite end of the yard with the weed hound.

6. Neighbors who use pesticides will laugh at you and make fun of you. To your face.

7. Dandelions like the sun. A lot. Apparently they like it better than the grass. My yard is almost all completely in full sun.

8. I like the way a perfectly groomed yard looks better than ours, but I like how my daughter can shove dirt from my yard in her mouth and I don't have to worry about her. Well, other than the obvious worry of an eighteen-month-old eating dirt.

9. Grass grows better where you don't want it than where you do (like my flower garden, for instance).

10. I don't mind a good, stiff cocktail.


Author Mom with Dogs said...

LOL! Ditto here -- on all counts!!!

In another week or two, all you'll see in our yard is a sea of yellow. Then in another month, they stop blooming and you can see the grass again.

terri said...

Wow. Very, very funny! I happen to like dandelions, myself. My neighbors hate me for my dandelions, and the seeds that blow onto their lawns. :)

A little off topic, but I just read on a forum that I visit that a large group of people on the board didn't know that "wish" flowers were the same as dandelions! These are grown women. They obviously don't have lawns like ours. :)

sixty-five said...

Nice. And I can relate too. My next door neighbor has a yard that is 100% dandelions and 3 small boys who like to do that blowing thing. It's a losing battle for sure.

it's me, Val said...

We don't use'em either, Cait, and I'm proud of it - like you! I grew up on a farm where we ran through the lots of grass barefoot and got dandelions and other weeds stuck between our toes and I remember that as a great memory!! :) I don't understand the reasoning. There's so many more great things to spend your money on and why potentially cause harm to our babies or pets?! Not worth it! Keep on growing dandelions!!! :)

Liz said...

Ugh, I know EXACTLY how you feel. We have really put if off, but unlike you my lawn is mostly shade so grass is losing the battle and being overtaken by every type of weed known to man.

If i don't do something in the next year or so I m going to have no grass. Olivia has really sensitive skin, so i am really reluctant.