Thursday, May 10, 2007

Trip to Sears

Our dryer is broken. For those of you with kids, you understand what a calamity this is.

The situation had to be remedied immediately. So, upon our return from Oshkosh, we climbed into the van and headed over to Sears. Our mission should have been easy and quick. Our washing machine is so fantastic that we just wanted the cheapest functioning electric dryer we could find. That took two minutes.

Next we decided that as long as we were there we should finish off the kitchen and get a new dishwasher. With a recent issue of Consumer Reports in hand, we headed over to the dishwasher aisle. That took a bit longer, but not much; I pretty much knew what I wanted.

But the paying, argh! Printing off different receipts for this, arranging delivery for that; it was dull, dull, dull. Superdad won the prize of dealing with two different salesmen, a manager and a cash register and I headed off to the furniture department with the two big kids.

I'm fairly certain seeing Madeleine and Hank in action prompted the furniture department manager to call the appliance department and ask them to hurry up already.

They didn't.

Madeleine and Hank migrated to greener-- or shall I say softer -- pastures.

The kids, well they had a great time. The staff at Sears? Not so much, I think. But I count the trip as a success: we got our new appliances, the kids were occupied and nothing was broken or ruined. In my book, it doesn't get any better than that.


MOST with an attitude said...

I second your final comment. I am thrilled to pieces when I leave a store with happy kids, store left in one piece and purchases in hand. I then dread the next time we have to do it all over again.

terri said...

Cute. Funny, our washing machine is broken! Or, not so funny.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Too funny. Looks like our trip to the store as well. Ahhh the joys of being a parent.

it's me, Val said...

What fun! Hope you're enjoying your new purchases!