Friday, May 11, 2007

Vegetable Garden

I love to garden. I love digging in the dirt, planting things and watching them grow. I probably prefer my flower gardens to my vegetable garden because I love to enjoy looking at all the beautiful flowers and smelling the varying fragrances, but I also love my vegetable garden because my little Hanker will help me take care of it. Madeleine runs screaming in terror at the mere sight of a worm and Elisabeth isn't big enough yet, but not my Hank.

Hank says he wants to be a farmer when he grows up. And a cowboy (how 'bout a rancher?). He also possesses an amazing ability to concentrate and take his time with a task. The vegetable garden is our thing, just my little Hanker and me.

Yesterday we worked the fully composted compost pile into the garden. Hank was a real work horse and shoveled (almost) as well as I did, but with much more effort.

Then it was time to plant seeds. Hank pondered what to plant first.

"Salad!" He decided.

"Um, don't you mean lettuce, Hank?"

"Yeah, you know, salad."

First up, butter crunch lettuce.

See what I mean about patience? He was so careful to make sure each seed went exactly where I said it needed to go. Even trickier, if you think about it, for light, tiny lettuce seeds which need to be sprinkled ever so carefully.

Last chore, watering the seeds in. Hank now knows the definition of the word germinate.

Next up was green beans and then a play date. Today we hope to get the carrots and beets in. We'll see if Hank's social calendar permits it.


Biby Cletus said...

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Warm Regards

Biby Cletus - Blog

dad said...

are you finished planting? when you are, send hank to silver lake. we have more to plant.

Superdad said...

How can you not love that kid.

it's me, Val said...

Noah's personality must be a lot like hank's. They remind me so much of each other. Great post!

sixty-five said...

Adorable! Here's a seed sowing tip I just heard about and might try:

Try using seed strips to make less work during spring planting. Rip or cut black and white (only) newspaper into one inch long strips. Using a glue made of 1/4 cup flour and 1 cup water, dab on just enough glue to adhere seeds to the strip at appropriate spacing. Roll these strips up and store in a cool, dry place until planting time.

AlexanderTheGreat said...

Hey can't you eat dandelion leaves? I seem to remember Mom making salad with them a few times. Kill two birds with one stone :)

Superdad said...

Yeah - you can eat them. In one of my efforts to find a way to kill all dandelions I came across a website that claimed dandelions were brought to the New World by early colonials as a source of food. Apparently they travel well.