Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Bottle of Java

Some people might say I get a little crazy in the morning before getting my first cup of coffee. Mowing down anyone who might dare to get in my way, I race down to my Black and Decker as quickly as humanly possible. And until I've had that first sip it's better just not to mess with me.

It's because of my coffee madness that I started giving Elisabeth a bottle of milk in the morning. Quiet! I would say to myself as Elisabeth chased me around the kitchen yelling, "Up, up, UP!!!!" You can't blame her, really, it's not like she understands about the importance of caffeine. So, I gave her a bottle once or twice. It made her happy and, more importantly, it made her quiet and content for ten minutes.

But now it appears genetics have taken over and Elisabeth has become somewhat, um, manic about the morning bottle. Gee, I wonder where she gets it from?

Do you see the bottle I've just poured up there? She wants it now, darn it! I feel your pain, Elisabeth. Brew, coffee, BREW!

This isn't funny, Mom! Stop taking my picture and give me the stinkin' bottle!

Ah, heaven. That first sip of coffee... er, I mean milk.

I may not be able to stomp my foot and cry like a one-and-a-half-year-old toddler, but sometimes I sure want to.


MOST with an attitude said...

No judgement here Kato! Mine is set before bed or right before my morning walk so I don't have to wait. I hate to wait.... It's IMPOSSIBLE for me to wait for that sweet, aromatic caffeine!! :)
Cute pic's of E... she's getting her diva groove early, I see!!

Megan said...

Oh I can so relate! I cannot function without my morning coffee. I start getting headaches if I don't get that caffeine pumping through my veins. Pathetic, isn't it?!?
I can't really blame Elizabeth for wanting her morning milk, some of us are just wired that way!

AuthorMomWithDogs said...

The pictures say it all! Brings back memories...

terri said...

I love the parallels. Very funny!!! (I even snorted I was laughing so hard.)