Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Flashback: July 22, 2004

I've been combing through old emails and digital pictures lately in an attempt to organize my laptop. Probably a futile undertaking.

In any event, I came across the following picture, which was one of my mom's favorite pictures of herself. It was taken on a memorable trip to Washington in which she was treated to a private tour of the White House by a former senior staffer.

Can't you just hear her asking,"Yes, Ms. Thomas?"


jack & harry's mom said...

Great photo choice Cait!
I remember her gushing about that trip, and her special "insider" secret story, also from that day.
It was so much fun to witness her many passions in life. We certainly miss her!

Bob said...

I also happened to be on that same trip--- That photo is a favorite of mine, since it shows how much she loved being in DC and how much she loved to travel

terri said...

LOL! Now there's a Republican I would've voted for! hee hee

it's me, Val said...

This must have been when you got your external hard drive? I'm so happy to hear you did this and I hope it will encourage others to. It was easy, wasn't it?! :) Yayyyy!!!!