Monday, July 16, 2007

Vacation, II

We're back from our too short vacation. Well, at least three of us are, anyway.

We had a fantastic time in (drum roll, please)... Door County! Really, I don't know why we all love it so much up there. I've grown so accustomed to our fall and winter birthday trips that I've fallen in love with the gorgeous views, the relaxed atmosphere and, of course, the swimming. We never have a bad time, we always seem to be successful at leaving any stressful thoughts or problems behind us when we get there and we never seem to run out of things to do.

This trip was no exception, but the only problem was I didn't really take many (or any) pictures. I'm quite certain, however, that the reverse would have been true had I had a new Nikon D40 in hand (hint, hint).

We rode horses, visited and toured a beautiful old lighthouse, swam (or course) grilled fabulously delicious bacon cheddar burgars, played a lot of cards and board games and made trips into a couple of the sweet little towns for ice cream and window shopping.

The only downers were leaving and, even more sad, dropping Madeleine and Hank off in Green Bay for a week (!) of camping with Super Grandpa, Super Grandma (Superdad's parents) and their cousins. Superdad, Elisabeth and I will join them on Friday (hopefully early Friday; again, hint, hint!)

It's good to be home though I don't quite know what I'm going to do with myself with only Elisabeth to occupy me for the week. Any ideas?


Alexis Jacobs said...

Sounds like such a nice getaway :) I LOVE Door County.

nina said...

This June, I took my college graduate, my youngest daughter, for a vacation -- just the two of us. She told me it is the first time I ever did anything like this with just her. Gulp. Really? Oh!

Bottom line: do savor the moments with just one of them. They are RARE!

P.S. Door County was out slice of heaven for many many years when everything else seemed too expensive and improbable. I still think of it as a hugely special place. So I understand.

MOST with an attitude said...

If it gets TOO quiet for you, you're always welcome to join me in my loud household!! J/K...enjoy it while it lasts :)
Im glad you guys had a nice time.

Superdad said...

For the recored, while I am at work during the day, I am still here.

terri said...

Can you believe I have yet to visit Door County? How embarassing! I'm thinking... Girls Weekend!!!! :)

it's me, Val said...

I cannot wait to go back to Door. Did you stay at Landmark again? Glad you enjoyed your trip and your peace and the beauty of it up yonder there. :)