Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August Recap

What a bad, bad blogger I've been. Excuses? I have none. I'll be better now. I promise.

Following is a quick recap of this past month's highlights.

August 3: Madeleine's "friend" birthday party at Pump-it-Up. They call themselves the "inflatable party zone" and, really, I can' t think of a better way to describe it. Envision a huge gym with multiple things to jump on, slide on, etc. Madeleine has been begging to have her party there for two loooooong years. Finally, we consented. Lucky girl.

August 4: Madeleine's family party. Our "small" family parties have now grown to an attendance level of just under twenty. Madeleine requested BBQ ribs and sweet corn. I was happy to oblige, and hungry family was happy to eat.

August 5: The beginning of the bubonic plague. Uh, I mean, strep throat.

August 9: All three kids go down to Dad and Diana's house, antibiotics in hand. I spend the next day and a half filling up Dad's Land Rover (I still prefer the Volvo XC90) with unused books, toys and clothes, supplying Goodwill's merchandise for the next eight months, at least.

Yes, this is an actual, blog-able event. The kids' bedrooms and the basement are clean and organized. Definitely a notable event.

August 11: Superdad and I head up to St. Paul, Minnesota to see a dear family friend get married. The weekend was perfect in every possible way. We got to see my brother and good friends we'd not seen recently. The bride was lovely, as was the reception and a wonderful, relaxing time was had.

So that's it. Any and all exciting news. Regular, uneventful blogging will resume again shortly. I'll just bet you can't wait.


it's me, Val said...

Welcome back, Cait!

Thoughts and questions:

The birthday friend party looked like a blast! I wish I was a friend at that party! I wish they had a place like that here!

In the birthday family party, what is Madeline and Hank in excitement over where they are holding their hands over their mouths?

One of my favorite cars of all time is the XC, so I'm a tiny bit jealous. ;c)

And, you and Superdad and the bride and groom all looked gorgeous on the big day. Who is the lovely prestigious gentleman in the picture behind the bride and groom?


Happy to see you again!

SuperMom said...


They let the grown-ups jump too and yes, it IS a blast!

Thanks for the nice thoughts and for more information on the wedding, check out my brother's blog (Quantum Void) since he has some interesting links to go along with his pictures.