Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dry Basement

Our basement is dry. Seriously.

What cured it? Our plumber. Apparently the valve attached to the drain tiles was clogged, and probably has been the entire time we have owned our house.

What a stupid, easy thing to fix. And it only took us four years to finally figure it out. Still though, I feel immeasurable relief.



it's me, Val said...

Isn't it funny what gives us pleasure and relief?! I'm happy for ya. Now go celebrate! (It could have been REALLY bad, right?!)

Alexis Jacobs said...

I hate when things that we let go for so long could have been easily fixed in the beginning.

Superdad said...

I blame a company called "Everdry." They are crooks. They claim to be basement specialist and we had them out to the house to give us an estimate. They tried to sell us a "system" that involved digging around our foundation, re-sealing it, installing a sump pump, and a bunch of other stuff too. They never even looked to see if we had a palmer valve. They were going to charge us over $10,000.00 for this system. Crooks I tell you crooks!!!!!!

Any way after getting that news we were not very excited about fixing our basement problems. We had been dealing with it for a couple of years and it really only got wet once or twice a year blah blah blah!

In the end the plumber fixed it in 45 minutes. Remember these people are crooks (at least the folks in Wisconsin are).