Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Incognito House Hunting

We love our house (recent basement post aside). Really, we do. Finally, after four years, it'a pretty much how we want it. It's smaller than we'd like, yes, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in location and neighbors.

That said, Superdad and I are always keeping our eyes open. We're constant visitors at various open houses and, even occasionally, have popped in a few tempting houses with a realtor friend of ours. If the right house came along I'm not quite sure what we'd do.

But don't tell our neighbors.

You see, every time someone has moved off the block for any reason other than a job relocation, they've been skewered. Sure it's all in good humor and fun, but people on my street house-hunt in secret. Including us.

Some good friends of ours down the street confessed to me yesterday morning in hushed tones while looking furtively up and down the street that they actually had considered moving twenty miles north of here. They then begged me not to tell anyone else. Today I'm going off with our realtor friend to look at an interesting house. What should I say if my neighbors see me getting into her car? Should I say we had a coffee date?


it's me, Val said...

Good luck, though. House hunting, whether serious or not, is so fun!! I still go to open houses today!! :)

Liz said...

I have a blood oath with neighbors across the street that no one can move unless another house on the new block is for sale. Good neighbors are hard to find, especially when your kids are the same age.

terri said...

LOL. I just recently learned that house hunting is supposed to be done without telling the neighbors. whoops!

Hey, lets do the parade of homes together! :)