Friday, October 05, 2007

Christmas in September

I know everyone says that every year it gets more ridiculous with Christmas decorations being put out out earlier and earlier and every year people always complain and roll their eyes without, in fact, really knowing if it's starting any earlier this year than it did last year.

Well, I have proof. The other day I was in my least favorite store in the entire universe but, hey, I needed inexpensive diapers, and while roaming through Hell Walmart I noticed that, a month before Halloween they were setting up red bows, Christmas CDs and snowy villages.

Sick, I tell you. Sick.


Liz said...

I agree, totally soul-deadening. It also makes all the holidays in between, one of which is Thanksgiving one of our true historical national holidays, seem insignificant. Really ticks me off.

Megan said...

Sam's Club has had Christmas trees up for several weeks already. Pathetic!

sixty-five said...

Consider the percent of their annual revenue that holiday sales generate for those places. They probably feel they need to make the stuff availabe for an equal per cent of the calendar year? Who knows? I just made that up, but there's probably something to it. One of the few good things about getting older (besides being so much wiser!) is that you don't need to be buying stuff all the time, so you can pretty easily avoid places like that.