Saturday, October 06, 2007

Week One, Day Three

My last Week One run. My last run with sixty second runs and ninety second walking reprieves.

I went out last night, after 8 p.m. I'm starting to realize my visions of running at sunrise will probably never happen. And why should they? Running in the evening brings its own beauty. And certainly in this ridiculously hot October, it brings cooler temperatures.

There were people everywhere. Teenagers, mostly. Last night was our high school's homecoming football game and there were swarms of people all over town.

And the run? Fantastic. I felt the ninety second walking intervals were too long and I just wanted to run already. But I didn't; I followed the Cool Running's plan to the letter.

My reward? Today I treated myself to a new pair of running shoes.


terri said...

Yay! Is that where you went during the b-day party?

SuperMom said...

Yep! I thought there would be someone there who knew about running shoes or, at the very least, at least about running. No such luck. So I hope they're good!

BTW, as we were leaving the sport store we realized while loading E into our van that she had shoplifted a lacrosse ball. Seriously. Joe ran it back in but so, so embarrassing.

MOST with an attitude said...

LOL..Marissa did that once too, but it wasn't a lacrosse ball, it was one of those flashlight/keychain/thing-a-ma-bobs
Yes, quite embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog reading comments on "Pioneer Woman". As I was reading I noticed you are a runner! I started training for my first half marathon last year. This is my second year and I never thought I would love running...but I do. I wish you the best of luck! My running group website is are a lot of great tips...I hope they help!