Monday, October 29, 2007

Horse Racing Greats. Hank Style.

To call Hank meticulous might be somewhat of an understatement. He's thorough. He's methodical. He's legalistic in his thought process. And, above all else, he's completely literal.

When he received a new horse Webkinz as a birthday gift, he had to have a special name. A perfect name.

"How about Barbaro?" I suggested, knowing his love for that particular Kentucky Derby winner.

"OK!!" he enthused. Long pause. "But we'll have to look up his picture first to make sure he looks enough like my horse."

Off googling we went. We looked at Barbaro.

"Noooo, now quite close enough. See, Mom, not enough of a white blaze."

Oh. OK. Of course.

"How about Seabiscuit, Hank? You love Seabiscuit!"

Hank's disgust at my inability to grasp that this horse needed to look just like his was palatable.

I sighed. Clearly the memory of a great racehorse wasn't going to do it for Hanker. He didn't care how lame the name was, just that it physically resembled his new horse.

"How about I search for Man O' War, Hank?" I pleaded one last time.

"Does he have a thick white blaze, Mom?"

I gave up searching for the racing greats and instead googled "racehorse, white blaze." We finally settled on Northern Dancer who, while apparently well known in racing circles, doesn't quite conjure up the same feelings of greatness and majesty of some other previously named horses but does look quite a bit like Hank's Webkinz. And, to him, that was all that mattered.


jack & harry's mom said...

Maybe Anheuser-Busch would make a nice name? LOL! I think that Webkinz horse may be a Clydesdale.
...or is Hank only interested in race horses? Perhaps he would enjoy this link?:

I love the 5 year old determination!

nina said...

So funny! Jury's out as to whether it's law, vet school or art design for him. But clearly destined for greatness!

MOST with an attitude said...

I agree with Nina...he knows what he wants and how he wants it! The boy will go FAR!!

terri said...

Kiera has 2 of those! She chose the clever names Chocolate and Cocoa. They are twins.

Webkinz is ridiculous. And brilliant. And my kids (all 3) love it.

hank's grandfather said...

Why not the Lone Ranger's Silver, the Trigger of Roy Rogers fame, Gene Autry's Champion or, my favorite, Patty, the name of our first and last Shetland pony?