Monday, October 01, 2007

Move Review, X

Superdad and I were lucky enough to watch two great movies this past weekend. Saturday night we watched The Aviator. Since this movie has been out on video for eight million years and anyone who wanted to see it has already seen it, I'll spare you my thoughts and simply say that if you're as lame as Superdad and I are about seeing movies promptly and missed this, go see it. It's good.

Oh, and if you're wondering, it stars Leonardo DiCaprio before he visibly hits puberty; in fact, I think it was his last role where he looked bizarrely adolescent despite his adult age.

Friday night we watched another moving starring the lovely Leo (post-adolescence-- look at that-- real facial hair!) and Superdad and I both loved it.

I went into the movie knowing very little about diamond mining or the civil war in Sierra Leone in the nineties and I came out knowing very little more, but feeling like I did and I was ready to swear off all future diamond purchases (not like I'm in the market very frequently anyway). I've since learned a lot more and was happy to realize a lot of the problems shown in the movie have been addressed and some even dealt with.

But oh, such a well acted, moving film. I was absolutely engrossed in every second of it.


sixty-five said...

Reminds me that when I first saw The Aviator I wanted to see all the early Howard Hughes films but so, it turns out, did many others and the library wait list was interminable. Maybe time to try again.

terri said...

how can i be so behind on your blog? sheesh!

I LOVED BLOOD DIAMOND!!! I think it is one of the best movies I've seen. I thought The Aviator was good, too.