Saturday, October 13, 2007

Week Two, Day Four

I know, I know. I'm only "supposed" to run three times a week. But it's been a stressful week; I needed to get out.

I figured since I am almost to week three anyway I would incorporate one of the longer running stretches prescribed there into my final week two run. I was wrong though; next week I'm up to three minutes stretches of running, but I thought it was five. Those two minutes made a big difference to a beginner like me and by the time I got home I was tired.

I did it though, so I'm confident conquering week three and its three minute stretches of running will easily be within my grasp.


terri said...

Do you not get sick of stopping and starting again (intervals)? I think it would be hard to start up every time. Just curious.

SuperMom said...

I thought that's how it would be too, but the walking intervals are long enough that I actually start getting antsy to start running again.