Sunday, October 07, 2007

Week Two, Day One

Yay, a new week and a new running challenge!

This week's running plan is to alternate between ninety seconds of running and two minutes of walking. Sound easy? It was.

Thankfully, though, I figured beforehand that it would be, so when I took off around four this afternoon I invited Madeleine to come with me. She gleefully raced upstairs to change since she'd been asking me just a few days ago if she could come sometime.

She made it the whole twenty-five minutes too, only stopping to walk instead of run on the final two runs. I did a lot of circling back, but it was fun to have company, especially a cute, talkative seven-year-old girl.


terri said...

OK now I'm downright jealous.

Liz said...

Actually, some of our best runs have Olivia on them. We are trying to institute a Sunday night family run, but we have had a few conflicts. Olivia loves to run and we alternate who hangs back with her. And we borrow our neighbors' jogging stroller, just in case.